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How to break the blogging break

By Posted on 4 2.3K

Blogging breaks…

Sometimes they’re done with intent and most the time, they’re not.

A lot of things have happened since I last posted. It’s been months… whoops. This is my first post of 2019 and it’s April now.

Things that have happened in the influencer realm this year already:

  1. Pipdig scandal
  2. Article 13 has been approved
  3. T series overtook Pewdiepie and Pewdiepie overtook again
  4. Evidence of a YouTuber grooming underage girls but people are more concerned with a joke about Shane Dawson molesting his cat
  5. Attack on influencers taking photos outside of houses in Notting Hill
  6. Tanya Burr and Jim Chapman announce divorce and people are upset that ‘the old days are over’
  7. List of 28 influencers accused of cheating their way to top was published and removed
  8. Threat of potential jail time if influencers do not disclose advertisements correctly

Yeah, it’s a crazy place and it’s enough for anyone to feel overwhelmed. Notice, that a lot of (if not all) stories about ‘influencers’ in the press are negative. Couple that with the pressure on numbers and it’s easy to be demotivated.

Negativity in the industry

The negativity around this industry doesn’t worry me into stopping blogging, but maybe the portrayal of bloggers as “detestable freeloaders” and cancel culture has caused my subconscious to make me take a step back from blogging out of fear of being branded a bad person and have people ‘coming for me’ if I make a mistake.

That, and the fact been I’ve busy, ill, renovating a house, working a full-time, can’t be bothered, focusing on Instagram (delete as appropriate).

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Hannah steps off of the pavement looking forward, in front of a blue door and two red doors. Wearing a Zara leopard dress and a cream oversized jumper with over the knee black boots.

Leopard print dress: Zara

Post more and worry less

So, it’s time to get motivated and start posting. How? I’m making a promise, mostly for myself, that I will try to post at least once a week.

I need to be forgiving and get over everything trying to be perfect. As I said before in another post ‘am I shit at blogging?’: “it’s just not always possible to create the vision in my head, which is why I end up with a long list of ideas and unfinished blog posts.”

So, I’m going take a leaf out of Maria J’s book and try to write more on the fly, when the mood strikes, with or without curated photos. I loved what she said here because that’s exactly how I want to go forward with my blog:

I haven’t given up all quality, I just want this to be more casual and more me.

Ways to break the blogging break

(And what I vow to do from now on).

1. Set a goal and stick to it.

Set a goal of how consistently you’re going to post. I’d like to do two posts a week, but I’m going to say at least once a week.

2. Post when the mood strikes

To help with the first goal, write when you feel like writing.

Type it up, put it into your editor, quickly read it back and HIT PUBLISH. I never posted often because I faffed trying to make sure I had the ‘correct’ photos and ‘proper’ research all put in.

3. Write every random thought down

No motivation nor ideas? Just type up/write down any thoughts that come into your head. It doesn’t need to be in full sentences or even make sense. You don’t need to post it but, I find this helps me to get ideas flowing and get some motivation to write.

4. Read a few blogs

When I’m really not motivated to write anything at all, I’ll check out content from other people in the hope it inspires me.

5. Set a schedule

I’m going to try this. Set aside a time slot to blog a week. Maybe 6pm – 8pm on Mondays is blog time and that’s the only thing you do in that time.

6. Stop focusing on Instagram

The reason my blog is being neglected is because I’ve been paying more attention to Instagram. The blog is the only platform you have full control of, and I’ve been forgetting that. Instagram is great, but not when I’m spending too much time on that. I’m sure I’m not the only person that is guilty of this.

(PS go follow me 😉 )

7. Do something blog related

Not in the mood to write a post? Just do something that will help your blog. Update a few of the image descriptions, update your plugins, tick the admin thing off the list that you’ve been meaning to do. There’s always something easy that you can do to help.

Question for you! Leave a comment 🙂

So, do you have any tips to get your blogging mojo back? And what do you think about the representation of bloggers and influencers in the media… do you think this has a subconscious effect on you or your ability to create content?

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